Time Clock and Attendance Software for the Education Sector

School Time Clock originates from the popular "Open Time Clock" application. The app is designed to meet the needs of administrators, teachers and other professionals who work with and support the education sector. It allows for tracking and documenting employee attendance, time worked, paid time off accruals, schedules/shifts, time by job/role and allows the users to add notes. For management and administrators it provides oversight by allowing you to control access to the platform by limiting access to specific networks, devices or zones (GPS). School Time Clock also supports web camera and facial recognition login/out to avoid 3rd parties usage. The application is constantly being upgraded based on your feedback as we want to make it meet the specific needs of the education professional.

Track Employee Time From Anywhere

Login Tools
Management Tools
Face Recognition
Web Cam Photo
GPS and Map
Barcode RFID
Job Tracking
Shift Scheduling
Absence PTO
Time Tracking for Education Sector Professionals
All in one cloud based time clock system with multiple tools to track user login/logout and usage. Facial Recognition, PIN, Barcode, RFID, QR, photo upon clock in/out and more.
Track Jobs
Administrators can track employees via job code and then compares that to budgeted time/costs and will alert you when you are off budget.
Schedules and Shifts
Administrators can track employee shift information and be notified of late clock in or early departure/clock out.
Track Accrued Paid Time Off Automatically
Administrators can rules to track auto accrued paid time off. School Time Clock with automatically calculate each employees accrued paid time off.
The School Time Clock Advantage
Maximum flexibility to employee tracking with the multiple login/out methods and devices supported. Reduces system risk via detailed tracking and user identification.

Many options to clock in

Employees can use desktop computer, tablet/iPad and smart phone (Android and iPhone) for clocking in and out by entering username, enter PIN number, face scan (face recognition), QR-code, Barcode handset, etc.

School Time Clock can also capture photos at clock in/out to avoid buddy clock in.

Many features available!

Not just easy to use, our time clock platform provides you with multiple features. These key features include; time off requests, missed hours, who is punched in, which clock punched them in, paid time off accruals, job tracking, shifts and schedules.

Detailed Reports

School Time Clock offers a multitude of pre-formatted PDF and CSV reports that can be downloaded and saved or shared with key decision makers. In addition to our 30 pre-formatted reports we can work with clients to customize a report to fit your specific needs.

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